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Meet Richard

I’ve been serving the real estate industry for over 44 years.  My focus has always been to be a problem solver. In today's ever-changing world having someone with extensive experience is not just a benefit, it’s a must when dealing with issues regarding the largest investment dmost people make in their lives, a home.

I’ve literally helped thousands of families purchase or refinance their homes during my career, and as I’ve grown to be a little more seasoned personally, I’ve seen firsthand the need for information and education to be available to our senior communities. Many of our seniors are living on only Social Security. In fact, that accounts for nearly 61% of all our seniors. Many can’t afford medical services, needed prescriptions, or home health services. 

My goal is to provide education, counseling, and most importantly solutions to the growing problem of having too much month at the end of the money. 

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